Lamento Boliviano.

18 Aug

Watching this makes me hungry for bachata:

Here’s the song by Toke D’Keda (Toque De Keda), and concert versions can be found on Toke D’Keda’s YouTube channel » – I think their version is pretty great:

Bonus – I stumbled upon this cool version of the song by Dani Mata:

And I think this is the original Latin rock version of the song by Los Enanitos Verdes », from their album “Big Bang”, released in 1995:


2 Responses to “Lamento Boliviano.”

  1. Maria August 18, 2007 at 11:33 pm #

    They should call you the bachata gigolo. I love the first video… no fancy turn patterns and simple footwork but they are SO in synch and look like they’re having a great time. I didn’t realize Lamento Boliviano had so many versions.


  1. Todas Tus Cosas. « Salsa Gigolo in TO - August 23, 2007

    […] is similar to the footwork in that clip with Lamento Boliviano ».  I don’t see anyone dance it like this, here in Toronto.  I tried it once, but I found […]

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