More Toronto bachata singers.

21 Aug

Ok, I’m writing yet another post on Toronto bachateros.  Can you tell I’m a little obsessive-compulsive?

I just learned of Alex Naar, aka Bainaman », who has two bachatas to be heard on his MySpace page. The first bachata is an original called “Pensando En Ti”, and the second is his version of “Para Tu Amor”. Here’s the original version by Juanes »:

Here’s the video version by Juanes:

Bainaman is also working with Ricky Franco & The P-Crew Orchestra ».

Ricky Franco is known for his bachata version of Maria Carey’s “My All”.  Ricky Franco’s versions, “My All” and “Mi Todo”, can both be heard on the album “Ahora Si” », released in 2001 by Dominicanada, the group he was in at the time.  Apparently Bainaman also worked with this group, but I’m not sure if he’s also on that album.

I’m guessing that Ricky Franco later collaborated with Aventura » for their version of “Mi Todo” ».

Of course, this obsessive-compulsive post wouldn’t be complete without Mariah Carey’s » original version of “My All”:


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