Aicha (Aïcha).

22 Aug

Now for some salsa.  I’m sure everyone has a favourite song by Africando.  Aicha (Aïcha) is not my absolute favourite, but it intrigues me because it is so multicultural:  the Africando version is sung in Wolof, and the original version is sung in French by an Arabic singer.  Toronto is such a multicultural city, and salsa dancers come from all backgrounds.  If there is one thing I’ve learned from salsa, it is that salseras come in many flavours, and they are all delicious – absolutely, positively, no pun intended :).

Here’s the video of Aïcha » by Africando All Stars », released on their 1998 album, “Baloba!”.  Here is their discography ». Here is a bit of live footage, which I wouldn’t have included on this post if I could have figured a way to embed the video from the first link in this paragraph – really, if you missed it, I would recommend going back and linking through and waiting for that video to load:

Here’s the original (mixed) version by Khaled », released on his 1997 album, “Sahra” – The guitar is great in this version.  Lyrics in French and English are included if you click through to the YouTube page:

Here’s a hip-hop version, sung in English, by Outlandish », released on their 2002 album, “Break & Barrels of Water”:


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