A Time to Dance.

31 Aug

Ok, the other day I received some major blog love from Maria, who writes a blog called, “A Time to Dance” ».  I thought I would take a moment to return some blog love, by dedicating this post to Maria and her blog.  Her blog is 50% about salsa, according to her post, “Dance addictions and their internet followers: Salsa and Tango” »

In her post, “In a funk, and not of the groovy musical variety” », Maria echoes a sentiment I’m feeling now, about “somehow growing away from salsa”. This self-imposed salsa-reduced diet of mine has given me some perspective.  I think I might want to start taking lessons again.  Maybe On2.

I think the backhoe featured in her post, “Who says your dance partner has to be human?” », might dance better than me.  I wonder if it teaches privates.  Really, if you are one of the half-dozen people reading my blog, and you enjoy dancing of any kind, you should really check out that post.

Here’s a vid of one of my favourite non-salsa songs, and 01:10 to 01:13 is dedicated to Maria and her blog:


2 Responses to “A Time to Dance.”

  1. Maria September 1, 2007 at 12:32 am #

    Wow…Thanks, SG. I’m blushing!!


  1. Blog love « A Time to Dance - September 14, 2007

    […] by Maria I’m not sure if he coined the term or not, but Salsa Gigolo is all about blog love. I was the lucky recipient of such blog love in the recent past, and it made me feel all happy inside. Please add Salsa Gigolo to your blog feed, he has an […]

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