La Vida Es Un Carnaval.

31 Aug

I used to live the life of a hermit.

Work, eat, sleep.

Then came salsa addiction.  I went from one extreme to the other.

Salsa, eat, sleep.

Taking a break from salsa has helped me to gain some perspective.  Even before my sore throat, which is now gone, I was slowing down.  Part of it was work-related.  Part of it was due to self-reflection.  Meaning of life?  That’s easy:  to make babies.  What is the meaning of dance?

I think about places I’ve never been, where people dance in the streets.  I think of places where growing-up means hours and days of playing futbol or the guitarra, singing songs, and watching your friends and family dance.

Meaning of dance? Whenever I start to think too much, I return to this song by “Celia Cruz” », “La Vida es Un Carnival”:

The song doesn’t make my worries go away, but it does make me adjust my thinking.  Life is a carnival.  Carnivals are not neat and tidy places.  Carnivals are sweaty, messy events, filled with things that are sometimes grotesque.  Like carnivals, life could get a bit messy.  That’s not quite what the lyrics say, but that’s what this song says to me.

Work, eat, sleep, dream about salseras.

I think I’ll go out salsa dancing tonight, and look into making some babies.


One Response to “La Vida Es Un Carnaval.”


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