Blog Action Day.

18 Sep

Blog Action Day

Ok, I am not an environmental activist, but when I learned about Blog Action Day, happening October 15, I thought, “Hmm, that’s a pretty neat idea.  I wonder what I would blog about?”

I started to think about what it means to be environmentally-friendly.  I started to think in terms of “conservation of energy”, and its opposite, “consumption of energy”, on a personal level.  As a human being, I consume things, such as food, water, heating, cooling, etc.  I asked myself, “How has my pattern of consumption changed, since becoming a salsa gigolo?”

Food:  Whenever I go out to salsa, I usually end-up eating an extra meal.  It may not be a full meal.  It may be as simple as two slices of bread with peanut butter, and a cup of milk.  Nevertheless, I consume more food.  Sometimes I prepare this food at home.  Other times, I eat out, at places that consume energy to not only prepare the food, but also to market and sell the food.  The food I consume is rarely organic.  I also tend to eat more protein, such as meat, eggs, and peanut butter.

Water:  I drink a lot more water because of salsa.  Bottled water.  Most of that plastic will be placed in a blue box, but I’m sure I’ve sent the odd one off to a landfill, either through my own action, or through someone else’s action, e.g. salsa club.  Why don’t I just drink tap water in the washroom?  I have to admit, a small part of me feels obliged to purchase at least 1 bottle of water when I go out to a salsa club.  Often, I purchase and consume more.  With consumption of water, and food, goes expulsion of water, and food.  Let’s just say, I flush the toilet a lot more now than I did before salsa.

Clothes:  I buy salsa-specific clothing.  Clothing that has no other purpose than to be worn when I dance salsa, i.e. above and beyond my normal consumption of thread and dye for the purpose of hiding my Kuta Cowboy from the unsuspecting public.  Not only do I have more clothes, but I also wear more clothes, which means I dirty more clothes, which means I have to clean more clothes.  The cleaning of clothes consumes water, electricity, and sometimes dry-cleaning chemicals.

Transportation:  I travel around in TO a lot more now than when I did in my pre-salsa days.  This causes wear and tear, and consumption, of transportation-related things.  Everything from the rubber of a vehicle’s tires, to the rubber on the soles of my shoes.  Yes, I still dance with rubber sole shoes, shoes that I bought with salsa in mind, and in under a year, I’m ready to buy another pair of shoes.  Compare this to a pair of shoes that have lasted me in good tread for about 10 years.  Mechanized transportation requires consumption of gasoline, and exhaust of pollution.  I don’t live next door to a salsa club.  I am not chauffeured to the salsa club in a Prius taxi.

Heating and Cooling:  When I dance, I generate body heat.  So much body heat, that sometimes a bead of sweat will drop from my brow onto some exposed area of skin on the salsera I am dancing with.  Usually her right arm or shoulder.  Sometimes her face.  If we accidentally rub cheeks, a whole swatch of sweat will transfer from my skin to hers.  Thank goodness salsa clubs are air conditioned.  And dark.  And with all this dancing, I’m pretty sure I have less body fat than I did before I started salsa.  Less body fat means more heat consumption at night, to stay warm.

Electricity:  Ok, I watch a heck of a lot less tv now, than before.  However, I do spend a lot more time on the computer, doing salsa-related YouTube watching, salsa-related Googling, and now even salsa-related blogging.  I have a relatively energy-efficient computer that, by my calculation, uses less energy than a standard light bulb. Still, if I consider the energy used to prepare my extra meals, and the extra energy used to wash my more frequently dirty salsa clothes, I am likely using more electricity than before. Check-out Carbon Footprint » to learn more about your own household energy consumption.

I’ll end this list here, without going into the gigolo-related list of consummables.  Overall, I consume more than before.  On Blog Action Day, I think I’ll blog on changes I’ve made in my own consumption patterns.  Or else, I’ll blog on a really good rationalization for my increase in consumption.  Something along the lines of, “Salsera is Life”.


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