Salsa Week.

20 Sep

Monday – This used to be my favourite salsa day. There’s just something so rebellious about salsa dancing on a Monday, like telling the work week, “You don’t own me”. I still have fond memories of Monday. Maybe I should make some more.

Tuesday – This is another favourite day, for similar reasons as Monday. This day has also been my luckiest day for finding great partners.  Material for another post. What’s even better, is doing both Monday and Tuesday. “Yeah, that’s right. Me. You. Don’t own.”

Wednesday – I used to enjoy this day, because there’s lots to like about this day, but “hump” day brings out a slightly different crowd. Maybe I’m over-generalizing, but people, who come out on a Wednesday, are less likely to come out on a Monday or Tuesday. Maybe it’s just a salsa version of “hump” day. For now, anyways, Wednesday is a rest day, until I can figure out how to salvage it.

One thing I’ve learned, is that figuring-out how to enjoy a day, is a lot about “frame-of-mind”. Breaking patterns. Breaking assumptions. For example, I’ve about dismissed this notion of 1-dance per salsera. If I don’t think I will enjoy at least 2 salsas in a row with a salsera, why the heck would I ask her to dance in the first place? Ok, sometimes it’s curiosity.  But no, now I want more. I would want her to want more.  Maybe I’m looking for more than just salsa.

Thursday – There are many options for a Thursday, but for me, it has usually been a rest day. Afterall, Friday and Saturday are just ahead. I can’t salsa seven days a week.  Can you?

Friday – I like to keep this day low-key. This is a busy day at most places, but I like to avoid the crowds. Nothing fancy. A warm-up to Saturday.

Saturday – Ok, this used to be a marathon day, sometimes going out for 12 hours. Now, I think it’s best to keep it to 6 hours. Part of me misses those 12-hour days. Then I realize how much time there actually is in a day. So much time. To do other things. Like salsa blog.

Sunday – This used to be another low-key day, a day to brush-up on some skills. Now, it’s mostly a rest day. I still feel the itch sometimes, to go out. In truth, I haven’t fully explored this day. Maybe something to look into.


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