23 Sep

Blogging when one is at peace, is like reporting on the weather when it’s sunny outside, without a cloud in the sky.

Peace is eating a banana and a muffin, after a good Sunday workout.  Peace is being satisfied, being sated, not needing anything.  Peace, I suppose, is having one’s “deficiency needs” met, as defined by Maslow’s hierarchy of needs ».

I think of the pleasures that I enjoy.  Some pleasures are simple, almost innate.  Others are complex, manufactured.  For example, for me swimming is a simple pleasure, because all you need is yourself and a body of water.  However, this simple pleasure becomes manufactured, if there is no natural body of water nearby, and one needs a swimming pool, to enjoy this pleasure.  If the pool has been around for a long time, and is accessible by other members of the community, this pleasure becomes simple again.  However, it may be argued that our community’s tax dollars are what sustain the operation and maintenance of the pool, thus the pleasure again becomes less simple.  This paragraph is becoming less simple.

Salsa dancing, and almost any other style of dancing, is a simple pleasure, because all one really needs is an able and willing partner, some music, and a bit of floor space.  There is some complexity when it comes to dance clubs, bouncers, bartenders, djs, and sound systems. But these clubs have been around for a long time, so it becomes somewhat simple again. There is complexity when it comes to learning a new dance style, but after awhile, the complexity of the dance disappears, less becomes more, and the dance becomes a simple pleasure again. There is complexity in performance and in competition. I’ve never done either, but I’m sure those who have, and have done so often, would likely say that after a while, it becomes old hat.

Peace, however, is rarely a steady state. Because we live in a big city, with lots of complex distractions, we inevitably go through cycles of peace and unrest, of simple and complex. It’s not like walking, or dancing, in fields of barley.

Some figure skating by Michelle Kwan »:

Maybe if I was in a true state of peace, I would have just posted the vid, and not typed all those words above. Or maybe, not posted at all.  I must be under some very elaborate state of complex denial :).


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