Senses of Salsa.

9 Oct

So much fog in TO these days.  I don’t remember a year when there has been this much fog.  Sometimes the fog comes during the middle of the day, even.  A dense fog.  Fog density.  A fog dance?  What would it be like to dance to the weather?

I think of our 5 senses » and salsa:  sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch.  I see salseras and I see skirts.  I hear the music, and the band playing.  I taste the saltiness of my sweat and hers.  I smell her skin and her breath.  I touch her hands and her waist.

There are other senses:  temperature (thermoception »), pain (nociception »), balance and acceleration (equilibrioception »), and body awareness (proprioception »).  I feel the heat off a salsera when she dances.  I feel sympathy pain when someone steps on a salsera’s toes.  I marvel at a salsera’s balance, as she gains centripetal acceleration in her spin.  I become hyper-aware of where my feet are, where my hands are, in relation to a salsera’s body.

Then there is our sense for detecting pheremones ».  The unmistakable charge, the chemistry I sometimes feel when dancing with a salsera.  The sense that she wants more from me, than just a basic step.  My hands on her waist.  My breath on her skin.  Spin, salsera, spin.


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