Blog Action Day (2).

15 Oct

Blog Action Day

Today, October 15, is Blog Action Day », and I said would report on any changes in my salsa-related consumption patterns. Aside from an overall reduced frequency, not much else has changed.

I’ve seriously thought about moving, to live within walking distance of a few salsa clubs, but that likely won’t happen for a few years. I guess it’s a start though: A long-term plan to reduce consumption. Well, it’s not really a plan yet, just an idea to start. It won’t be a plan until I put a timeline in place and set some firm objectives. Until then, it is just lip-service.

I have been able to reduce my energy consumption in one area of my life, to compensate somewhat for my increase in energy consumption due to salsa. I’ve found a place to work-out that is within walking distance of where I live. The savings in transportation costs makes this change not only environmentally-friendly, but also friendly to my wallet. I’ll probably end-up being more fit, too. But, then I might eat more food. Hmm. Still, I think I’m still ahead, energy-wise.

I did think of one great justification for salsa, especially for single people. Salsa is a great way for single people to meet other single people, and to then no longer be single. What better way to save costs than by living with someone else. To go even further, maybe I should start a salsa commune. Communal living for salsa addicts. A Roschdale for salsa. Just an idea, for now.


One Response to “Blog Action Day (2).”

  1. Maria October 26, 2007 at 3:05 am #

    Living within walking distance of a salsa club…A salsa commune…

    Cue daydream sequence…

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