Salsa Personality.

1 Nov

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Whenever I do these personality tests, I always come-out the same:  INTP.  Slightly more introverted than extraverted.  Slightly more intuitive than sensing.  More thinking than feeling.  More perceiving than judging.  I don’t think my salsa personality is much different.

Introverted:  When I am dancing with a woman (I always feel a need to qualify that I am dancing with a woman … I know that it is not uncommon for guys to dance with other guys … I have danced with guy instructors … but no, for me, salsa is about dancing with women), I feel we are alone on the floor.  And while I don’t mind being watched, or being the first ones on the floor, I shy away from anything having to do with performance or competition.  While I enjoy a crowded salsa night at times, for all the women, and being around friends, I also find great pleasure in a less-crowded salsa night, to find just 1 or 2 women to dance with all night.  Instead of talking, I prefer communicating through touch, and movement, and the more I dance in a night, the less verbal I become.

Intuitive:  I remember the time when salsa became fluid for me.  One day, I had danced myself to fatigue, to a point where I forgot all about patterns, and just started reacting and dancing to the music and my partner.  Sometimes I like to close my eyes and feel the flow of my partner, as she moves around me.  I like playing-around and being sensual on the dance floor.  Not all the time, and not necessarily with a new partner.  But if we are regular partners, and I know she won’t mind, I like to experiment and take risks.

Thinking:  When I first started learning salsa, my approach was to sample a number of instructors, to make sure that I didn’t miss anything during basic steps.  I took diligent notes on moves and patterns, using a made-up salsa short-hand.  I borrowed books, DVD’s and CD’s from the library.  I participated in salsa discussion forums.  I devoured salsa clips on YouTube.  I went out 6 nights per week.  As one fellow salsa gigolo put it, he doesn’t want to be in the “Space Program”.  If someone can get good in a few years, going out 1 night per week, that same person should be able to get good in 6 months, going out 6 nights per week.

Perceiving:  Salsa is fun.  When I dance with a woman, I feel it is such a luxury for her to follow my lead with such trust.  I try to make the dance fit with the music, and to make sure she looks beautiful when we dance.  Sometimes this means I have to sacrifice my steps, or my timing, or my form, but that’s ok, so long as my partner looks and feels good.  While I like experimenting with new moves, I am more than comfortable repeating favourite moves over and over again.


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