How Do You Measure Your Salsa Life?

7 Nov

I discovered salsa 1 year ago.  It has been a wonderful year.  I list the things that I have learned that have stuck with me over the years.  Things that have rewarded me many times over, the initial investment.  Salsa ranks high in this list.

In one’s salsa journey, one eventually develops a personal philosophy of salsa.  A raison de salsa.  In this year, I have absorbed other people’s salsa philosophies, and the one that resonates with me, is to “dance with love”.

When I ask a salsera to dance, in my mind, I am asking her to make love.  Sometimes it is unrequited love.  Sometimes the love is returned.  I know when I enter a dance with pure intent and pure thought, my soul is nourished and rewarded.

“Seasons of Love”, from Rent »:

Measure your salsa life in love.


One Response to “How Do You Measure Your Salsa Life?”


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    […] Like a mathematical proof, the truth of his insight seems elegant and perfect. I have been measuring » my salsa life in love, to some extent, but I think I’ve been waiting for a proof like this, […]

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