Bogart the Salsera.

19 Nov

These days, my modus operandi is to go to a club by myself, ask a likely salsera to dance, and then bogart her for as long as she will allow.  Here, in TO, 1 dance is often the norm, like a musical chairs of salsa dancing.  I had previously adopted a 2-dance approach, but now, I can dance an entire night with just 1 or 2 salseras.

I dance with a salsera.  There is amazing connection.  I ask her for another dance, and the connection is still there.  We dance and we dance, and the dance becomes more than a dance.  It is as if we are making love on the dance floor, cheek-to-cheek, co-mingling in each other’s sweat.

I once had a dance partner, who I bogarted for days and weeks and months.  That was a special dance chemistry.  These days, I will bogart a salsera for a night, and she is lovely for the night, but then on another night, my eyes will wander wistfully to other salseras who I would like to bogart.  There is so much temptation in salsa, and I am hopelessly addicted to salseras.


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