Getting into the Mood.

23 Nov

It’s about that time.  Watching the clock on a Friday afternoon, counting down the hours before the salsa club opens, I mentally begin to wash away the drudge of the day, the annoyances of the week, to make room for pure salsa thoughts.  I feel my pupils dilate as I prepare myself.

My pre-salsa ritual is simple:
prepare supper
eat supper
wash dishes
floss teeth
brush teeth
rinse mouth with Listerine
make bowel movement if possible
shower using special soap I use only for pre-salsa shower
towel dry
apply special aftershave cream I use only for pre-salsa shave
choose salsa clothes
wear salsa clothes
fold money into left pant pocket
place *secret item* into right rear pocket
turn off the lights
head-out to salsa club

My post-salsa ritual is sometimes not-so-simple.


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