Salsa Babies.

19 Mar

Friends of mine are having their first baby, and as I was Googling for baby gifts, I came across an article on W Network, 10 Best: Baby Gifts ». After reading through the first 9 suggestions, I was surprised to read:

Baby Gifts

Here’s a clip of Salsa Babies » in action:

In the spirit of David Letterman », I am now pleased to present …

Top 10 Things Male Salsa Babies have on their Minds:

10. This bib is not a salsa towel.
9. Is this a clave stick in my mouth?
8. Why do I get the feeling I’m being backlead?
7. I hope we never rotate partners.
6. I wonder if this salsa lesson is tax deductible »?
5. This salsa is making me thirsty.
4. Whoa, easy on that cumbia step!
3. Now, THIS is what I call a bachata.
2. Merengue is not so bad.
1. When I grow up, I am so going to be a salsa gigolo.

Here’s a clip of a Bachata Baby in action:


One Response to “Salsa Babies.”

  1. baby boy March 31, 2008 at 9:34 am #

    I would like to see this in person.

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