If Confucius Danced Salsa (4).

29 Apr

The following references are from “The Analects” » of Confucius, translated by Arthur Waley:

Book XIII, Par. 19:
Fan Ch’ih asked about Goodness. The Master said, In private life, courteous, in public life, diligent, in relationships, loyal. This is a maxim that no matter where you may be, even amid the barbarians of the east or north, may never be set aside.

Book XIII, Par. 19

As I come close to finding Relationship Salsera, I wonder what it means for a salsa gigolo to be loyal. When I dance with one who may be Relationship Salsera, my lead becomes less inhibited, more possessive, more sexual. The connection becomes electric, and I might become emocionado during the dance, to put it delicately. Then I think about other salseras, with whom I’ve had nice connection, and wonder whether I would or should hold anything back, and what I would miss by doing that. The best dances, after all, feel like one is being caught in flagrante.

Book XIV, Par. 8:
The Master said, How can he be said truly to love, who exacts no effort from the objects of his love? How can he be said to be truly loyal, who refrains from admonishing the object of his loyalty?

Book XIV, Par. 8

To love Relationship Salsera is to exact effort from her, to be loyal to Relationship Salsera is to admonish her. To love a salsa gigolo is to exact effort from him, to be loyal to a salsa gigolo is to admonish him.

Book XV, Par. 11:
The Master said, He who will not worry about what is far off will soon find something worse than worry close at hand.

Book XV, Par. 11

Do I plan for a salsa future? I suppose, to the extent I wonder what salsa would be like with Relationship Salsera. I also wonder what my salsa would be like, if I were to take lessons with a particular instructor, or if I were to learn another form of dance.


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