Salsa OnBenadryl.

9 May

It’s allergy season, and these days I’m dancing Salsa OnBenadryl. I suppose I could take a non-drowsy, 24-hour pill, but I prefer old-school allergy pills over the newer stock. The first allergy pill I ever took was Claritin, but since I tried Benadryl », I haven’t gone back. Sure, there are newer non-drowsy, longer-lasting versions of Benadryl, but strangely, I actually like the feeling of being knocked-out and slightly sedated.

For this post, I did a google search on the history of allergy pills ». What I learned was that one of the side effects discovered of early antihistamines, was their ability to relieve motion sickness. Come to think of it, when dancing OnBenadryl, even when I know I should be buzzing from a good dance, instead, I feel slightly detached and unemotional. I also feel more content to repeat simple moves, and experiment less.

This leads to the question: “Do salseras feel less-dizzy during allergy season?”, both for the motion sickness relieving side effects of any allergy pills they are taking, and also because antihistamine-sedated salsa gigolos are less anxious to impress with novel turn-patterns. I wonder if allergy pills, or motion sickness pills such as Dramamine », for that matter, would help with improving spinning technique?

So with one pill, you can relieve your allergy symptoms, improve your spinning technique, and appear emotionally disaffected. Who would have thought? So the next time your salsa dance partner looks bored, don’t fret, maybe they’re just dancing OnB.

OnB, OnD, whatever.


2 Responses to “Salsa OnBenadryl.”

  1. Sam May 9, 2008 at 10:31 am #

    I think you might wanna try a detox program, using Chlorella – allergies quite often are caused by having too much toxic stuff in your body, and detoxing some of this might easy your allergic problems…

  2. salsagigolo May 9, 2008 at 11:31 am #

    Because you mentioned it, I decided to read-up on Chlorella:

    My allergies are manageable, but I might still look into detoxing, as some salsa friends have had some remarkable results from detoxing.

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