Salsa Gigolometer.

21 May

I’m introducing a new feature on this blog, called the Salsa Gigolometer:

Salsa Gigolometer 00Salsa Gigolometer 10Salsa Gigolometer 20Salsa Gigolometer 30Salsa Gigolometer 40Salsa Gigolometer 50
Salsa Gigolometer 60Salsa Gigolometer 70Salsa Gigolometer 80Salsa Gigolometer 90Salsa Gigolometer 100Salsa Gigolometer 110Salsa Gigolometer 120

The Salsa Gigolometer will periodically read the temperature of my salsa gigolomojo. Right now, I’m feeling pretty good. Allergies have abated, summer is almost here, and I like Wednesdays again.

I’m looking forward to some salsera.


One Response to “Salsa Gigolometer.”


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    […] Ten: Inside the Right Stuff, Page 170One way to conserve salsa gigolomojo » is to stop asking. Stop asking for names, stop asking for numbers, stop asking for dances. This […]

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