If Mencius Danced Salsa (2).

27 May

The following references are from “Mencius” », translated by David Hinton:

Chapter XI, Par. 12:
Mencius said: “Suppose your fourth finger were gnarled and crooked, though not lame or painful. If there was someone who could straighten it, you’d think nothing of traveling all the way from Ch’in to Ch’u. That’s because your finger isn’t as good as other people’s fingers.
“When your finger isn’t as good as other people’s fingers, you know enough to resent it. But when your heart isn’t as good, you don’t know enough to resent it. That’s what I call not knowing what is what.”

Chapter XI, Par. 12

When dancing salsa, I open my heart for business. When not dancing salsa, my heart is closed for maintenance, repair and overhaul.

Chapter XII, Par. 16:
Mencius said: “There are many ways to teach. I don’t bother with teaching and instructing, but that’s just another way of teaching and instructing.”

Chapter XII, Par. 16

There are many ways to learn. These days, most of my learning happens on the dance floor. Blogging, and its related activities — reading, writing, watching YouTube vids — also helps me to learn. Where I have learned, I must have been taught, sometimes without knowing it.

Chapter XIII, Par. 11:
Mencius said: “To live humble and dissatisfied with yourself, even if all the wealth of Han and Wei were added to your own — that is the mark of a person beyond compare.”

Chapter XIII, Par. 11

What is salsa wealth? Moves, patterns, musicality? Is it the accumulation of salsa artifacts and experience points, like in some role-playing game? In the beginning, it may have felt this way, but over time, all that seems to matter is the salsera I’m dancing with. To be humble is to dance with a salsera, simply to dance with a salsera.


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