If Mencius Danced Salsa (3).

28 May

The following references are from “Mencius” », translated by David Hinton:

Chapter XIII, Par. 17:
Mencius said: “Don’t do what should not be done, and don’t desire what should not be desired. Abide by this one precept, and everything else will follow.”

Chapter XIII, Par. 17

I have desired what should not be desired. I have desired the fruit of the forbidden salsera. A common form of the forbidden salsera, is the married salsera. But even more forbidden and tempting is the soon-to-be-married salsera. I still remember this one stagette party at a salsa club, dancing with the bride-to-be, and the connection was full-on eye contact. She had this candy necklace on, which I played with, but did not taste. So, so tempting.

If I can’t taste a salsera’s last fruit, maybe I can taste her first fruit. This leads to my next guilty pleasure: having a beginner salsera’s first ever salsa or bachata dance. This is not so forbidden, but the thrill is much the same.

Chapter XIII, Par. 21:
Mencius said: “… Humanity, Duty, Ritual, wisdom — such aspects of their nature take root in mind, flourish in appearance. There’s a calmness in the face of the noble-minded, a calmness that also graces their back, radiates through their four limbs. And so the body of someone noble-minded speaks a parable without words.”

Chapter XIII, Par. 21

It’s amazing how a good bachata can restore my salsa gigolomojo to full charge, restoring complete calm to my face.

Chapter XIII, Par. 27:
Mencius said: “The hungry savor any food. The thirsty savor any drink. They have no discrimination in food and drink: hunger and thirst has ruined it. And hunger and thirst can ruin more than people’s tongues: it can also ruin their minds. Once you free your mind from the ruin of hunger and thirst, you no longer worry about failing to equal the great sages.”

Chapter XIII, Par. 27

My only ambition in salsa, is to be able to give something to a salsera when we dance. Whether she is beginner or advanced, I hope to have enough to give. I can feel when a salsera is walking away with nothing, and that is a regret for me, that I am able to do nothing for her.

In one dance, a smokin’ hot advanced salsera accidentally removed my modest piece of salsa gigolo bling from my hand, and flung it across the dance floor. We continued to dance, and she continued to make me look good, while simultaneously looking around on the floor, and by some luck, she found my bling! In this dance, this salsera gave something back to me, both literally and figuratively.


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