Hula gâru (Hula Girls).

30 May

Hula gâru (Hula Girls)

Hula gâru (Hula Girls) (2006) – 67/100 – hula dancing, subtitles.

If not for salsa, I might have rented this film for the novelty. What this film made me appreciate, is the sign language/ storytelling aspect of hula dancing. It is interesting to contrast the language of hula dancing, with that of salsa.

What does a cross-body lead mean?
What does a clockwise turn mean?
What does a hairbrush mean?

Spoiler scenes, dancing starts from 5:00 in the first clip, and continues to the end of the second clip:

Cinematography – 7/10
Story – 7/10
Pacing – 7/10
Action and Dialogue – 7/10
Impact – 8/10
Characters – 7/10
Originality – 8/10

Music – 7/10
Salsa/ Dance – 8/10
Makes you want to be a salsa gigolo – 1/10

Total – 51/70, 16/30


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