If Mencius Danced Salsa (4).

30 May

The following references are from “Mencius” », translated by David Hinton:

Chapter XIII, Par. 37:
Mencius said: “To feed people without showing them love — that is to treat them like pigs. To love people without showing them reverence — that is to keep them like pets. But honor and reverence are gifts not yet given. Honor and reverence without substance — you can’t lure the noble-minded with such empty gestures.”

Chapter XIII, Par. 37

Love, honour, reverence, substance. To love the salsera I’m dancing with. To honour the trust a salsera confides in me. To revere the holiness of the music and our dance connection. To be wholly present in a dance. Perhaps this is the essence of salsa sincerity »?

Chapter XIV, Par. 32:
Mencius said: “… People keep leaving their own fields to weed the fields of others. It’s a sickness. They demand everything of others, and nothing of themselves.”

Chapter XIV, Par. 32

My fields are overgrown with weeds, so I am too busy to worry about the fields of others. Sometimes I see people not doing anything about the weeds in their fields, or growing really peculiar things in their fields. I leave it for someone else to criticize. If I don’t like what they’re growing in their fields, I tend not to visit that often, or simply look away.

Chapter XIV, Par. 35:
Mencius said: “For nurturing the mind, there’s nothing like paring your desires away to a very few. If you have few desires, there may still be some capricious whims in your mind, but they’ll be few. If you have many desires, there may still be some enduring principles in your mind, but they’ll be few indeed.”

Chapter XIV, Par. 35

I would be happy to live the rest of my days on an island, dancing with my ideal partner. This island could be anywhere. It could even be in this city. An island in the city. A pocket of space and time. I’ve come close to finding my ideal partner, a number of times. Close. Turn-off all the technology, except for the music player. Get close and comfortable, and dance. Rest, when tired. Drink water from the tap, when thirsty. What is the price for this kind of life?


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