Flamenco at 5:15.

17 Jun


Flamenco at 5:15 (1983) – 77/100 – flamenco dancing.

A tight documentary on flamenco dancing, as it is taught to dancers at the National Ballet School of Canada. The best parts are near the beginning, when the dancers dance in jean pants. Their lines and their positions are synchronized to perfection, though it didn’t seem like their steps were choreographed, because it looked so natural.

The dancer as percussion instrument – feet, hands – is one element of this dance that stood-out. Another element that stood-out is the exquisite control of arms and hands, for flamenco styling. It would be interesting to see a salsera incorporate flamenco styling in her salsa.

A scene from this documentary, unfortunately not one with jean pants:

Another clip, showing flamenco clapping/ musicality, can be seen here ».The documentary, in its entirety, can be seen here ».

Cinematography – 9/10
Story – 8/10
Pacing – 8/10
Action and Dialogue – 8/10
Impact – 8/10
Characters – 8/10
Originality – 9/10

Music – 8/10
Salsa/ Dance – 10/10
Makes you want to be a salsa gigolo – 1/10

Total – 58/70, 19/30


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