Blog Action Day (4)/ Water and Oil.

29 Jun

Here is an update from my third post on Blog Action Day »:

Food: Not much change.

Water: Outside of bars and clubs, I recently started re-filling my bottled water with tap water, and you know what, tap water in TO tastes pretty good! When I think about it, my mind must have been brainwashed to such an extent, that until this past year, it had been many years since I drank non-filtered, non-Brita-ized, non-bottled, ordinary, fluoridated municipal tap water.

I still buy bottled water, but now probably less than 1/4 the amount I used to buy, and I expect it to decline further. In bars and clubs, I usually order either juice or bottled water – I’ve stopped ordering alcoholic drinks for several months now. Now, I think I’ll try switching to juice or pop, to reduce my plastic consumption by that little bit more.

Clothes: Not much change.

Transportation: I just finished reading this book,
Stupid to the Last Drop: How Alberta Is Bringing Environmental Armageddon to Canada (And Doesn’t Seem to Care)
by William Marsden ». The major themes in this book are:

1. Supply – who has oil, who needs oil.
2. Negligence/ Corruption – federal government, provincial government, individual politicians and bureaucrats, oil producers.
3. Technology – what it can do, what it can’t do.
4. People – habitat (environment), health, lifestyle.

The book provides a history of oil development in Canada, and specifically in Alberta’s oil sands. It describes the US oil supply problem – the US doesn’t have enough oil, and doesn’t want to buy oil from countries that foment terrorists; the global oil supply problem – the World may be out of oil in less than 100 years, and every nation is looking out for #1; and the politics of oil – through anecdotal references, we see how very efficient/ effective the government can be in ensuring the production of oil, and how very inefficient/ ineffective the government can be in ensuring the health and safety of its citizens.

I mean, when an average person says, “Hey, my water tastes like oil, and it’s burning my skin!”, it takes a very cynical government mechanism to do no water quality testing and turn this around and say, “Hey, it’s your fault you didn’t take care of your well.” It takes a very corrupt government mechanism to have in its possession water quality data that proves that something’s not right in Alberta, and still let you believe that it’s your fault. Yet, if you were to instruct a bureaucrat to pour this same bad water over another person’s body, they would likely be loath to do it. Why? Because, people don’t really want to hurt other people. They are just encultured that way.

This brings to mind, an article written in 2002 for the Walkerton Enquiry by Roger Martin » called “Why do People and Organizations Produce the Opposite of What they Intend?” ». The pdf article can be downloaded directly, here ». The ‘What’ we know: lots of people got really sick because of bad water. The ‘Why’ the article explains: people in the government were encultured to be defensive, cover-up mistakes, and not say anything.

I must have been in denial, thinking oil prices would eventually go back down. After reading this book, I now understand the rising prices, and why they will likely continue to rise. I also now appreciate the rising costs – human, environmental.

This is how I currently use oil:
– transportation to salsa club
– plastic for my bottle of water
– polyester for my salsa clothes
– transportation for everything I consume, to stores for me to purchase
– transportation for all my waste, to places far away from me
– other

Heating and Cooling: Not much change.

Electricity: Not much change.


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  1. salsagigolo March 13, 2013 at 8:08 am #

    “White Water, Black Gold”, a documentary:

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