Your Vote Costs $20. Your Vote Is Worth $1.95.

5 Oct

What does your vote cost?
According to Elections Canada », out of 23M eligible voters, 14.9M Canadians actually voted in the 2006 federal election. The total population in Canada was about 30M men, women, and salsa gigolos. According to an article by Sun Media », the 2006 federal election cost $278M. Or, to put it another way, in 2006, the federal election cost about $20 per voter.

What is your vote worth?
From the same Sun Media article, it is mentioned that each political party gets an annual payment for every vote it gets. In 2006, each vote was worth $1.75. This will rise to $1.95 for 2008.

Who gets your vote and your money?
Being a salsa gigolo is very time consuming, and one could get mired in hours of non-salsa reading and and non-salsa thinking, in trying to be an expert on all the issues. The Economy. The War in Afghanistan. Healthcare. Pffpt!

Since there has been no open debate on salsa this year, I am using the following high-level approach to decide who to vote for. Imagine each of the candidates coming up to you in a salsa club, and asking you for $1.95:

Who would get your toonie?
Who wouldn’t get your toonie?
Who would you least expect to see in a salsa club?

Vote For Environment
Now, if you really want to vote on an issue, and that issue happens to be the Environment, you may be interested in Vote for Environment ».

If that’s too anti-Conservative for you, and you need more information before deciding who you would least expect to see in a salsa club, watch the Canadian Federal Election Debate 2008:


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