Every Salsera Has Her Charm.

15 Nov

I was reflecting today on how no two salseras are exactly alike. Every salsera is unique in her own way. Asking a new salsera to dance, is to discover her uniqueness, through touch and motion, lead and follow, connection and embrace.

I was dancing with a new salsera recently, and there was something very familiar and comforting about her. I quickly realized that it was her perfume. She was wearing the same perfume as another regular salsera dance partner, a salsera with whom I share some very nice memories. Apparently, the many positive feelings I have for this regular salsera have become associated with her scent, and this only made it feel better for dancing with this new salsera.

Dancing with this new salsera was fun, for her own uniqueness, and would have been fun no matter what scent she wore. Yet, with that scent on her, the connection felt especially safe and warm, familiar and nourishing, like salsera comfort food for the soul. A dating tip that is sometimes given to women, is to have something baking when your date comes over. Cookies, cake. Something that smells like home. I wonder what it would be like to dance with a salsera who smelled like warm apple pie? Maybe then, when I taste apple pie, I would think of salsera.

It must have been a night for nostalgia, because later in the night, I danced with another new salsera, who reminded me of this same regular salsera. This time, not for her scent, but for her other charms.
Salsa Gigolometer 80


One Response to “Every Salsera Has Her Charm.”

  1. Love November 16, 2008 at 2:56 am #

    You can only wear so many Italian charm bracelets at one time, but with a display case, you can showcase your entire collection. Love

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