Salsera Whisperer.

7 Dec

There aren’t too many salsera similes or metaphors that are flattering to a salsera. Nevertheless, I happened to be reading this one wiki, Natural horsemanship », and by changing just a few words, I am pleased to present …

Natural Salseramanship
There are countless “schools” or theories of natural salseramanship but the following ideas are common to most of them:

1. Salseras are social herd animals, evolved for social interaction and the ability to escape predators. The salsera has a highly developed communication system practiced primarily through body language. It is possible for salsa gigolos to learn to use body language to communicate with the salsera. Salseras use ear position, head position, speed of movement, threatening gestures, showing of teeth and swinging of hips, and many other gestures to communicate. They are quick to escalate a behavior if early warnings are not heeded. Similarly, in natural salseramanship, the handler or trainer uses body language along with other forms of gentle pressure with increasing escalation to get the salsera to respond. Salseras are quick to form a relationship of respect with salsa gigolos who treat them in this fashion; “firm but fair” is a motto.

2. Most natural salseramanship practitioners agree that teaching through pain and fear do not result in the type of relationship that benefits both salsera and handler. The object is for the salsera to be calm and feel safe throughout the training process. A salsera that feels calm and safe with her handler is quick to bond with that person, and the results can be remarkable.

3. The salsa gigolo must be knowledgeable of the salsera’s natural instincts and communication system, and use this knowledge in their work with the salsera.

4. Like many other forms of salsera training, operant conditioning through pressure and release are core concepts. The basic technique is to apply a pressure of some kind to the salsera as a “cue” for an action and then release the pressure as soon as the salsera responds, either by doing what was asked for, or by doing something that could be understood as a step towards the requested action, a “try”. Timing is everything, as the salsera learns not from the pressure itself, but rather from the release of that pressure. These techniques are based on the principle of reinforcement, rather than physical force, which most Natural Salseramanship practitioners avoid using whenever possible.

5. Most Natural Salseramanship approaches emphasize the use of groundwork to establish boundaries and set up communication with the salsera. This can include leading exercises, long reining and liberty work.

6. As with all successful salsera training methods, there is an emphasis on timing, feel and consistency from the handler.

Natural salseramanship has become very popular in the past two decades and there are many books, videos, tapes, and websites available to interested salsa gigolos. This philosophy has capitalized on the use of behavioral reinforcement to replace inhumane practices used in some methods of training, the ultimate goal of which is a calmer, happier and more willing partner in the salsera.

Natural Salseramanship avoids fear- and pain-based training methods. While natural and gentle methods of training have been around for millennia, dating to the advocacy of gentle methods by Xenophon in Ancient Greece, there have also been any number of techniques over the years that attempted to train a salsera by breaking the salsera’s spirit, often forcing her to fight back and then be dominated or defeated. Natural Salseramanship advocates point out that by removing fear an individual gains trust from the salsera. By not scaring and hurting the salsera, the salsera learns to work with salsa gigolos in a partnership verses as an adversary.

“A Soft Place to Fall”, by Allison Moorer »:


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