Along Came Polly.

23 Dec

Along Came Polly
Along Came Polly (2004) – 90/100 – Ben Stiller has a way of goofing on himself that can make any man stop and look in the mirror. In this film, he gives salsa dancing a try, and he isn’t entirely bad, but far from good, which makes it great. As a self-aware salsa gigolo, it is hard to watch those scenes, and not ask oneself, “Do I look like that?”.

Here’s a favourite scene from the film:

Cinematography – 9/10
Story – 9/10
Pacing – 9/10
Action and Dialogue – 9/10
Impact – 9/10
Characters – 9/10
Originality – 10/10

Music – 9/10
Salsa/ Dance – 8/10
Makes you want to be a salsa gigolo – 9/10

Total – 90/100


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