Positive Salsa Energy.

15 Feb

Connection. Love. Sincerity. These are things I look for in a dance. But even when they are present, the dance experience can still leave me feeling empty, at times. When something is lacking from the dance experience, I first check my level of sincerity, to make sure my ego is under control.

Ego is a tricky thing. I know that I can sometimes fall into the mindset of, “I’m … too sexy for this dance.” Or worse: “I’m … too sexy for this song.” Ego has another way of affecting my mindset, and that is to cause me to feel defensive. Normally, when things don’t go my way, I can usually find something in myself that I can improve. But there are times when, despite all reason, I feel defensive. My reaction becomes, “Yes it was my bad, but …,” and it is that “but” that I am currently reflecting on. I think of that “but”, and why I feel the need to say “but”.

This leads me to think that something is missing from my salsa emotional checklist. Connection, Love, Sincerity. One would think that this should be enough for a good dance experience. That is, no matter what the salsa world may throw at you, so long as you go out on the dancefloor with connection, love and sincerity, you should be ok. But this doesn’t explain the empty feeling that I sometimes get after a dance. For this, I am playing with the concept of “energy”.

The kind of energy I am thinking about is mental energy, maybe even spiritual energy. The questions I think I need to ask myself are:
“Am I thinking good thoughts of this salsera?”
“Am I wishing this salsera well?”
“Am I bringing positive energy to this dance?”

I should also ask these questions in reverse:
“Am I not thinking bad thoughts of this salsera?”
“Am I not wishing this salsera ill will?”
“Am I not bringing negative energy to this dance?”

Yes, energy seems to have elements of love, connection, and sincerity, but for now, I’ll keep it as something separate, so that I can reflect on it some more.

Upon reflection of the empty feeling, I also reflect on the opposite, and that is the full feeling I sometimes get from the dance experience. I find that this usually happens when I feel open in a dance to experiment, when I feel it is permissable for mistakes to happen, to fool around. Let’s call this the concept of openness. This post was really about energy, but I needed an “O” for the following acronym, so I’ll permit myself this indulgence.

Thus, I am pleased to present the “CLOSE” salsa emotional checklist:
Connection – Can I find a way to connect with this salsera, for this dance?
Love – Can I love this salsera, for this dance?
Openness – Can I open myself to permit mistakes, for this dance?
Sincerity – Can I control my ego, for this dance?
Energy – Can I wish this salsera well, for this dance?

I’m not entirely satisfied with this acronym, because “CLOSE” still has the taint of meaning the opposite of open. I was thinking of “SLOW” salsa, with sincerity, love, openness, and w for wattage = energy? But then I lose connection. Maybe SLOW can be used for something else.

“I’m Too Sexy 2007”, by Right Said Fred »:Salsa Gigolometer 80


4 Responses to “Positive Salsa Energy.”

  1. Maria February 16, 2009 at 9:17 am #

    Great post. We would all do well to apply these principles to our every day life.


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