What Salseras Don’t Want.

6 Apr

In contrast to What Salseras Want », I thought it might be interesting to hear from a salsera’s » mouth, what salseras don’t want. Better yet, from salseras’ mouths:

1. In her post, “From a salsera to a salsero, with love” », Abha Malpani, a salsera in India/ Spain, offers her views, including, “… Do not throw us up in the air. WE HATE THAT.”

2. In her post, “What Women Want by Kimberly” », Kimberly Robinson, a salsera in Toronto, offers her views, including, “… it’s always better to eat humble pie than to take a turn down arrogance lane.”

3. In her post, “Touchy Touchy” », Rachel aka Salsa Slut, a salsera in Singapore, describes the sensitive areas of a salsera’s body, including, “… 3) Her beautiful breast/ The Baby’s Food Source/ The Men’s Eyes Common Resting Place …” TMECRP

4. In her post, “Culture Conflict in the Club” », Nina aka La Evangelista de la Salsa, a salsera, provides an enlightening perspective on what women like and don’t like in music, and on the boundaries of what happens on and off the dance floor, including, “… maybe WOMEN like being caressed, maybe women like close body contact, maybe women enjoy gyrating their pelvises to the music along with a man …”, taken slightly out of context to suit my own male needs, of course. She goes further, and breaks down for us salsa gigolos, the code of the dancefloor.

5. In her post, “Beware the Gigolo Jerk” », Van, who may or may not be a salsera, gives advice on how to identify a gigolo. I ascribe to the “take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but fingerprints” philosophy of being a salsa gigolo.

6. In her post, “Tango vs. Salsa…part deux” », Fluvial, a tanguera and salsera in Seattle, offers her views on the art of asking for a dance.

7. In her post, “on dance partnering” », Maria, a salsera in DC, offers her views on connection.


2 Responses to “What Salseras Don’t Want.”

  1. La Evangelista de la Salsa April 6, 2009 at 4:24 pm #

    Nice to meet you. I’ll have to check your site out! Thanks for the mention.

  2. salsagigolo April 6, 2009 at 6:11 pm #

    Nice to meet you, too :).

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