The Goal/ Salsera Pleasure.

4 May

To gain a perspective on the state of the current economy, I found myself re-reading this book,
The Goal:  A Process of Ongoing Improvement, Third Revised Edition
by Eliyahu M. Goldratt » and Jeff Cox », with interviews by David Whitford ».

Chapter 4, Page 32:
… “No, that is not your problem,” he says. “Your problem is you don’t know what the goal is. And, by the way, there is only one goal, no matter what the company.” …

Chapter 4, Page 32

This book, written in the form of a novel, is about how a manager of a company turns his business around, by focusing his attention on achieving the company’s goal. As a business book, this is an enjoyable and easy read, a cover-to-cover page-turner, if you can believe.

Reading this book made me think about the big 3 auto companies. It made me think about governments and bailouts. And it made me think about countries and national debts. Eventually, it made me ask myself, “What is the goal of a planet and its people?”

What is the Goal of a Salsa Gigolo?

Why do I dance salsa? For me, salsa has always been about giving pleasure » to salseras. Giving pleasure to salseras is what gives me pleasure. Can pleasure be measured »? The opposite of pleasure is pain, and I reflect on salseras who have been tortured on the dancefloor, leaving injured and defeated, vowing never to return to a particular venue, or even to salsa. This really couldn’t have been the goal of the salsa gigolos they were dancing with. I wonder what was their goal?

Sometimes you can see it. These are some of the goals that I see:

– to get through a move or turn pattern
– to teach a salsera something, e.g. a move or turn pattern
– to practice something, e.g. a performance routine or shines
– to get some exercise
– to give pleasure to a salsera

I have never seen a salsa gigolo dancing with the goal to maliciously injure a salsera.

Yet, salseras get injured. The main reason for this, I believe, has to do with ego. A salsa gigolo can be so intent on achieving one of those other goals above, that he will do so at the risk of causing injury. Maybe he just doesn’t realize that it is ok to abandon a pattern, mid-move. Maybe he doesn’t realize that it is ok to get off-beat, or to look like he’s made a mistake. Reset, and start again. Just don’t cause pain.

Salsera Pleasure

Getting back to the goal, from the perspective of the salsera, these are some of the goals that I see:

– to get through a dance
– to teach a salsa gigolo something, e.g. a move or technique
– to practice something, e.g. following or styling
– to get some exercise
– to get pleasure from a salsa gigolo

If every salsera came with a dial from 1 to 10, and with this dial a salsa gigolo could control the amount of pleasure the salsera would receive, what would you dial?

I seek a tantric state of salsera », so I would dial 11.


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    […] …,” then love is the ultimate and highest goal to which a salsa gigolo can aspire. My goal », as a salsa gigolo, I thought was to give pleasure to salseras. Pleasure may simply be a by-product […]

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