Playful Salsera.

18 Oct

I am playing around with a new acronym: PLAY. Participation, Laughter, Acceptance, Yes. Acceptance and Yes are almost the same thing, but I’ll keep Yes for now until a better ‘Y’ word comes-up.

To allow play to happen, I am thinking that a salsa gigolo’s role is to allow flexibility in his lead, to take a salsera’s suggestion, and lead from it. To allow mistakes to happen safely, and run with it. I am also thinking that flexibility comes from a salsa gigolo’s awareness of a salsera’s centre of gravity, and an awareness of the shared centre of gravity of the couple. Also, an awareness of a salsera’s footwork, and on which foot she’s stepping.

When I think of play and dance, West Coast Swing immediately comes to mind. Where salsa music lends itself more to ‘spicy’, the music in West Coast Swing seems to lend itself more to ‘play’. Or maybe there’s just a difference between spicy salsa play and G-rated West Coast Swing play. One thing to note is that apparently, in West Coast Swing, there is a difference between play and hijacking.

Here are a couple fun West Coast Swing clips:

West Coast Swing Jack & Jill improv by Myles Munroe » and Jennifer DeLuca »:

West Coast Swing Jack & Jill improv by Arjay Centeno » and Jennifer DeLuca »:

Again, I think salsa music lends itself to a naughtier, spicier kind of play, or maybe I’ve just never seen West Coast Swing done naughty. When a salsera asks me to play naughty, I always say Yes.

Salsa Gigolometer 120


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