The Reluctant Gigolo – A Work of Friction.

21 Nov

The following references are from:

by John Allan Fraser ».

This book is about a dance gigolo’s adventures on an around-the-world cruise ship. It goes without saying, this book had me at hello.

Chapter 1, Page 4:
… “Her pubic bone ground into his unresponsive thigh as the quartet, firmly anchored in the tiny band stand, went through the motions of Blue Spanish Eyes.

Necessity, not intimacy, forced a physical closeness. Survival was the issue. Why she or any of these ladies wanted to dance on a night like this was a mystery to him, but they were paying passengers and if they wanted to dance it was his job to oblige them.” …

Chapter 1, Page 4

Pubis-to-thigh contact is a recurring theme in this book, which bothers me not one bit. Being of service to the ladies, is another recurring theme. I think I should look into taking some ballroom lessons some day, to ensure a long and happy career.

Chapter 5, Page 26:
… “They were alone on the dance floor of the lounge. Donna remained pressed against him in dance position as the music ended. Looking up into his face Jack felt a familiar rush to his loins. He returned her stare relishing the moment. What a perfect time to move this relationship to a new level. Perhaps he should plant a kiss on those moist pink lips.” …

Chapter 5, Page 26

Dance position. The author has obviously taken some dance lessons, or at least has been tutored well. No, I’m thinking the author is writing from experience. Would a guy write so sympathetically about being a dance gigolo, if he doesn’t dance? This author gets it, at least from a dance gigolo’s point of view.

Chapter 10, Page 54:
… “A series of lively hot salsa numbers ended the melting Frozen Ball leaving the remaining celebrants and the dance hosts exhausted and sweating.” …

Chapter 10, Page 54

This is the only mention of salsa in this book, so if all you want is salsa, there it is. Nevertheless, I would heartily recommend this book to any salsa gigolo. It is an easy and entertaining read, and it’s lascivious enough to appeal to the dance gigolo inside every salsa gigolo. For salseras? Hmmm, maybe less so, unless you want to get an idea of how a dance gigolo’s mind works.
Salsa Gigolometer 110


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