Tango Taxi Dancers.

13 Jan

I previously mused about Kuta Cowboys » in Bali, and a possible retirement future as a cruise ship gigolo » or Gentlemen Host® ». I just read an article about tango taxi dancers » on the Tango Bali Club » website. Who would have thought? — Tango in Bali.

You know where this is going. My retirement future is starting to take form: cruise ship gigolo by sea, and upon arrival at Bali, salsa-dancing/ tango-taxiing Kuta Cowboy by land. You like Balinese paintings? Do you want to have coffee »?

Here’s an interesting perspective of tango taxi dancers », by Jan ». Here’s another », by Cherie ». Here’s an interesting comparison between Ceroc taxi dancers and tango taxi dancers », by Arlene », along with some informative comments. For reference, here is a list of tango taxi dancers » in Buenos Aires.

A couple more articles about tango taxi dancers:
Strictly tango for the dance tourists »
A Lesson in the Steps That Lead to the Dance »

A clip of an interview with a tango taxi dancer:


2 Responses to “Tango Taxi Dancers.”

  1. cherie January 13, 2010 at 8:58 pm #

    Thanks for the link!

    This is an important topic that is talked about and seen more and more in the milongas of BsAs; obviously the service fills a need.

    The expression, “taxi dancer,” isn’t very dignified, though, and my partner prefers to use “milonga accompaniment.”

    Saludos from BsAs!

  2. salsagigolo January 14, 2010 at 10:17 am #

    Hi Cherie,

    Yes, milonga accompaniment does sound nicer, but taxi dancer sounds ok to my ears too.

    Maybe it’s how one says it/ hears it:
    “I’m a taxi dancer” – you dance with taxis?
    “I’m a taxxxi dancer” – ugh, get away from me!

    “I’m a salsa gigolo” – yeah, you wish.
    “I’m a salsa gigolohhh” – puhleaze.


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