Salsa Gigolo Venn Diagram.

21 Feb

In between bouts of, “What is the meaning of life?” self-reflection, I sometimes ask myself, “What is a salsa gigolo?”. After some soul-searching, I am pleased to present …

Salsa Gigolo Venn Diagram:

A salsa gigolo, by definition, is a salsa dancer. And being a man, a salsa gigolo, by nature, is a cleavage connoisseur. Elbow cleavage, knee cleavage, toe cleavage, whatever cleavage. It is a man’s nature to appreciate cleavage. Ear licker? The desire to commit the lick is pretty much the same as having licked. But really, who hasn’t licked an ear in their lifetime? A wet willy » counts. So a salsa gigolo is probably a bit of a perv, and a bit of a creep, and his saving grace from being a full-on perp, is that he dances salsa.

What happens on the dancefloor, stays on the dancefloor, and two strangers on the dancefloor observe a much more relaxed code of conduct vs. two strangers off the dancefloor. Through salsa, a salsa gigolo finds redemption.

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