Salsera Gigalera.

5 Mar

The following references are from:

by Patricia Chao ».

Written by a salsera, spicy.

Chapter 1, Page 11:
… “Another set of merengue came on. El Tuerto was back out on the floor with a new partner, a busty redhead who seemed more his style than the blonde. The redhead was wearing a white lace T-shirt, skin-tight black bootleg pants, and sky-high red platforms that looked impossible to dance in. El Tuerto ran appreciative fingertips down the girl’s sides as she did a slow close turn in front of him. All the men around them were watching her butt.” …

Chapter 1, Page 11

In my early days as a salsa gigolo, I would watch other dancers quite a bit. A fellow salsa gigolo admonished me to stop watching, because it’s like watching a couple having sex. My earliest memories of being a salsa voyeur was before I knew what salsa was, years even before I took my first lesson. It was in a lounge, and some music came on with really infectious percussion. A couple started to dance, together, and it was sexy. I remember thinking, wow, I wish I could move a woman like that.

Chapter 6, Pages 76-77:
… “”Listen up,” I said. “Do any of you guys know the true purpose of dance?”
They all stared at me like idiots.
One of them muttered: “To have a good time.”
“More specific. Why do we dance?”
They shrugged, looked down, or just continued to stare at me as if I were from Mars.
“The purpose of dance,” I said, “is
foreplay. That’s what it is, and that’s what it’s always been …””

Chapter 6, Pages 76-77

Isn’t this the truth? Salsa, for me, has become part of the mating ritual, part of the natural order of things — a part of natural selection ». It’s become difficult to imagine what relationships were like, before salsa, and likewise, difficult to imagine what a relationship would be like without salsa. How do others manage it? Hobbies? Shared interests? Removing salsa from the equation is like removing foreplay from the equation.

Chapter 11, Page 152:
… “Dance was foreplay. There were nights when she wouldn’t wear a bra and a breast would pop out, and he would push it back into her dress as casually as if the move had been planned. Or he’d pull her around with her arm behind her back and brush her fingers against the front of his trousers so that she could feel how ready he was. Her knees would turn to water, and she’d have to concentrate on keeping her balance as he flung her away into a spin in the other direction.” …

Chapter 11, Page 152

Yes, spicy. And this isn’t even the best stuff. There’s one chapter in this book that’s 11 pages of pure salsa porn. I won’t say which chapter, but you’ll know it when you read it. Having trouble explaining your salsa addiction to your friends? Get them to read this book. Want something spicy to go with your salsa? You know what to do.


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