Goodbye Salsera.

2 Aug

When thinking about salsa sins », Lust was the first sin that came to mind. Pride was next. Now, with more time to reflect, I realize the dangers of Greed and Gluttony. I want all the salseras, and one is never enough. Edie’s progression of a salsa gigolo, from beginner to player » to post-player, comes to mind again. Sometimes I feel like a wolf, and salsa is my sheep’s clothing.

I had thought relationship salsera might cure me of my salsa sins, however, where salsa sins end, relationship sins begin. Sloth being a big one. Over time, a salsa gigolo will find that it takes less and less time and energy to attract salseras. So little in fact, that he may forget how much time and energy a relationship takes. It can make a salsa gigolo wonder if he’s really a salsa gigolo by nature and not nurture, and to leave relationships to the relationship gigolos out there.

I’m saying more goodbyes than hellos, these days. However, this might very well be the natural order of things for a salsa gigolo. Is there a relationship salsera out there who will put-up with a salsa gigolo’s many sins? And even if he finds her, how soon would it be, before his sins got the best of him? How many goodbyes does it take, for a salsa gigolo to find his goodbye girl?

“Goodbye Girl” by David Gates »:

Relationship Salsera – 1
Salsa Gigolo – 0


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