If Osho Danced Salsa/ The Book Of Salsa Children.

25 Dec

The following references are from:
The Book Of Children
by Osho ».

A salsera I knew mentioned Osho, so I thought I’d read one of his books.

Chapter 2: Pregnancy, Childbirth, Infancy, Pages 18-19:
“… People are not aware of what they are doing when they want to bring a child into the world. Otherwise they will feel sorry about that, rather than feeling sorry about an abortion. Just think of both the possibilities: What will you give to the child? What have you got to give to the child?

You will bring your tensions into his being and he will repeat the same kind of life as yours. He will go to the psychoanalyst, he will go to the psychiatrist, and his whole life will be a problem — just as it is with everybody. What right have you to bring a soul into the world when you cannot give the person a whole and healthy being? It is a crime! People think otherwise: they think abortion is a crime. But the child will find some other mother, because nothing dies. And there are many, many women who will be happy to have the child; it is just that you will not be responsible for it.

I am not saying not to become a mother; I am saying be aware that becoming a mother is a great art, it is a great achievement. First create that quality, that creativity in you, that joy, that celebration, and then invite the child. Then you will have something to give to the child — your celebration, your song, your dance — and you will not create a pathological being. The world is already too crowded with pathological beings. Let some other planet suffer! Why this earth? The world is starving, food is not there and people are dying, the whole ecology is disturbed and life is going to be more and more ugly and hellish; this is not the right time. …”

Chapter 2: Pregnancy, Childbirth, Infancy, Pages 18-19

A novice salsera is like a child being brought into the salsa world. Before, I used to want her first dance. Now, I want her best dance. When I see a salsa instructor wannabe stop mid-dance to show a salsera how to step, 1 2 3, 5 6 7, I think to myself that this salsera probably won’t want to dance salsa anymore. Why? Because a) she didn’t get a good dance, b) she didn’t get a good salsa lesson, and c) the whole room knows it. If a salsa gigolo can’t lead a novice salsera into a basic step and cross-body lead without saying a word, he really has nothing to give her.

Chapter 6: Education, Page 154:
“… It will also help you to become a no-mind. That is the dimension that is missing from education. It simply teaches you to become more and more entangled in mental concepts, lost in mind. Mind is good, useful, but it is not your wholeness. There is heart too, which is in fact far more important than the mind — because the mind can create better technology, can give you better machines, better roads, better houses, but cannot make you a better human being. It cannot make you more loving, more poetic, more graceful. It cannot give you the joy of life, the celebration. It cannot help you to become a song and a dance.

The true education has to teach you the ways of the heart, too. And the true education has also to teach you the transcendental. Mind is for science, heart for art, poetry, music, and the transcendental for religion. Unless an education serves all these things, it is not true. And no education system has yet done it. …”

Chapter 6: Education, Page 154

There are a lot of things to think about in salsa, but I think this is mainly true for the novice salsa gigolo. I’ve found that over time, a salsa gigolo will be thinking less and reacting more, almost like he’s the one, who is following — following the music and following the salsera. One of the charms of dancing with a novice salsera is that she has no preconceptions. She is already all about reaction and feeling. She is the purest test of the quality of a salsa gigolo’s lead. And then she is ruined by 101 salsa instructor wannabes, who wanna teach her on the dancefloor.

Chapter 8: Meditation, Pages 214-215:
“… I am twelve years old; can I start meditating?
This is the right age when you should start meditating, just when you are coming closer to your fourteenth year. You are twelve; these two years will be of immense value to you. After each seven years the mind changes. The fourteenth year will be one of great change, so if one is ready much becomes possible; if one is not ready then one goes on missing the change. And all that is beautiful always happens when you are passing that period of change.

So start meditating. And by meditation I mean that whenever you are sitting silently, start swaying just like you did right now. Feel like a tree and sway. As you sway and as you feel like a tree, you will disappear as a human being, in that disappearance is meditation. There are a thousand and one ways to disappear. I am giving you the most simple one that you can do very easily. Dance, and disappear into the dance; whirl, and disappear into the whirl. Jog, run, and disappear into the jogging: let the jogging be there and forget about yourself. That forgetfulness is meditation, and that is possible at this age.

Then there are different doors to meditation which become possible later on. But to a child, forgetfulness is meditation. So forget yourself in anything and you will find meditation coming to you.


Children can enter into meditation through dance very easily, because dance is not anything unnatural, artificial; man is born with the faculty of dance. Because we have stopped dancing naturally, the body is suffering very much. There are a few things that can happen only through dance: flow is possible only through dance. So help your child to participate in dancing meditations. If he can get into dance, meditation will happen of its own accord. …”

Chapter 8: Meditation, Pages 214-215

When dancing with a salsera, it is easy to tell if she has taken lessons from a bona fide salsa instructor, or if she’s been through the school of 101 salsa instructor wannabes. Dancing with the first is almost effortless, like a meditation. Dancing with the second takes work. Instead of being the 102nd salsa instructor wannabe in a novice salsera’s dance life, a salsa gigolo can choose to just dance with her and to give her the best possible dance he is capable of leading.

A thoughtful salsa gigolo would wait for a slow salsa before asking a novice salsera to dance, or be willing to dance at half-speed, or be willing to dance off-beat altogether. Hopefully, the novice salsera will have enjoyed her dance enough to want to dance more salsa, or to want to take lessons from a bona fide salsa instructor. Heck, she might have enjoyed her dance so much that she may even ask the salsa gigolo for his number, or to have his baby, or something. Let the teachers teach, and let the dancers dance. Perhaps 2016 can be the ‘Year of No Teaching on the Dancefloor’.

Salsa Gigolometer 90


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