If Osho Danced Salsa (3)/ When The Salsera Fits.

3 May

The following references are from:
When the Shoe Fits - Stories of the Taoist Mystic Chuang Tzu
by Osho ».

A book of stories of Chuang Tzu, and Osho’s transcribed talks on those stories.

Chapter 4: Fighting Cock, Pages 76, 97:
Chi Hsing Tzu was a trainer of fighting cocks for King Hsuan.
He was training a fine bird. The king kept asking if the bird was ready for combat.
‘Not yet,’ said the trainer. ‘He is full of fire. He is ready to pick a fight with every other bird. He is vain and confident of his own strength.’

After ten days he answered again, ‘Not yet. He flares up when he hears another bird crow.’
After ten more days, ‘Not yet. He still gets that angry look and ruffles his feathers.’
Again ten days. The trainer said, ‘Now he is nearly ready. When another bird crows, his eye does not even flicker. He stands immobile like a block of wood.
He is a mature fighter. Other birds will take one look at him and run.’

The whole secret is to fight without the ego, and if you can fight without the ego then you will be capable of doing everything without the ego. Because the fight is the climax of the ego: if you can do that then you can do everything. Right now you cannot even love without ego.

So this is the training of a samurai, of a Zen warrior — to fight without the ego just like this cock. …”

Chapter 4: Fighting Cock, Pages 76, 97

The whole secret is to dance without the ego. And if not the ego, then certainly not the superego. That just leaves the id. Give yourself permission to make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. Give yourself permission to be embarrassed. Be embarrassed for a moment, and then move on. Give yourself permission to be crude, to be rude, to be politically incorrect.

Chapter 7: Autumn Floods, Pages 157, 180-181:
Chuang Tzu told the story of the autumn floods:
The autumn floods had come. Thousands of wild torrents poured furiously into the Yellow River. It surged and flooded its banks until, looking across, you could not tell an ox from a horse on the other side.
Then the River God laughed, delighted to think that all the beauty in the world had fallen into his keeping.
So downhill he swung, until he came to the ocean.
There he looked out over the waves toward the empty horizon in the east, and his face fell.
Gazing out at the far horizon, he came to his senses and murmured to the Ocean God, ‘Well, the proverb is right: “He who has got himself a hundred ideas thinks he knows more than anybody else.” Such a one am I. Only now do I see what they mean by expanse!’
The Ocean God replied, ‘Can you talk about the sea to a frog in a well? Can you talk about ice to a dragonfly? And can you talk about the way of life to a doctor of philosophy?’

A philosopher is the falsest thing in existence, and the more you become philosophic, the less you live. Then you think about love, you never love; then you think about God, you never become divine. Then you go on talking and talking and talking and your whole energy is wasted in words; there is not a single moment to enter into existence.

Chuang Tzu says: Be aware of all philosophies, because their base is the same — they depend on words. And reality is not a word. Move into the real: you are real, existence is real. Move into the real. Don’t create a wall of words between you and reality, otherwise it is impenetrable; you will be enclosed within your wall. And then it will become almost impossible to come out of it.

Don’t be a philosopher. And everybody is a philosopher! It is difficult to find a man who is not a philosopher. Some philosophers are good, some bad, but everyone is a philosopher. Some are more logical, some are less, but everybody is a philosopher. Drop out of the trip — the trip of philosophy. Only then you enter the real, the existential. …”

Chapter 7: Autumn Floods, Pages 157, 180-181

When I go to dance, everything I need or want to say to a person, to a salsera, is in the dance. Sometimes a salsera asks me to dance, and I ask them, “Is this your song?” The answer is almost always ‘no’, or they don’t even like this song. I was like that once, not really caring what song came on or who I would ask to dance to that song. Now, it’s all about the right salsera to the right song, at the right time. Then let go, and just dance.

Chapter 10: Man Is Born In Tao, Pages 235, 237, 260:
Fishes are born in water, man is born in Tao. If fishes, born in water, seek the deep shadow of pond and pool, all their needs are satisfied.

If man, born in Tao, sinks into the deep shadow of nonaction to forget aggression and concern, he lacks nothing,
and his life is secure

There is a story told of one old wise man whose name was Mencius. He was a follower of Confucius and he died when he was very, very old. Somebody asked him, ‘If you were given life again, how would you start it?’
Said Mencius, ‘I would pay more attention to my needs and less attention to my desires.’ …

When you want to, be active, but remember that this activity should follow your bodily need, not your mental desire. Become active when energy is flowing and you feel the energy has to be used — because energy needs action, energy delights in action. If you cannot do anything, at least dance. And remember, energy needs action. If you suppress energy then you will become aggressive — don’t suppress energy. This is one of the deepest problems for modern man. …”

Chapter 10: Man Is Born In Tao, Pages 235, 237, 260

When I ask a salsera to dance, it’s because I feel a need to dance to this song, and after looking around, she was the best fit for this song. I may desire to grindchata with a different salsera, but I’ve learned to get my salsa fix by asking the salsera, who fits.


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