Salsa America: How To Make Salsa Great Again.

5 Aug

The following references are from:
Crippled America:  How To Make America Great Again
by Donald J. Trump ».

A salsa policy book by the 2016 GOP nominee.

Chapter 4: Foreign Policy: Fighting For Peace, Page 31:
The career diplomats who got us into many foreign policy messes say I have no experience in foreign policy. They think that successful diplomacy requires years of experience and an understanding of all the nuances that have to be carefully considered before reaching a conclusion. Only then do these pinstriped bureaucrats
consider taking action.

Look at the state of the world right now. It’s a terrible mess, and that’s putting it kindly. …”

Chapter 4: Foreign Policy: Fighting For Peace, Page 31

I think the World would be a better place if everyone danced salsa, or were at least allowed the freedom to dance salsa if they wanted to. Of course, I’d support a US foreign policy based on salsa dancing, because Canada would follow. The future US President might ask himself/ herself, “Would this intervention improve salsa in America? Would this regime change improve salsa in the World?”

Chapter 10: Lucky To Be An American, Page 107:
Las Vegas Review-Journal summed it up correctly in 2014, saying, ‘The Department of Veterans Affairs finally is under intense scrutiny for its bogus waiting lists and the unconscionable treatment delays that have caused an untold number of preventable patient deaths. But new information shows that malfeasance, malpractice, and outright corruption within the VA is worse than Americans could have imagined — much worse.’

That needs to end. Right now the VA is run by people who don’t know what they’re doing. They’re getting more money from the government than ever before and yet the care gets worse. The list of men and women waiting for care is growing and their wait times are longer. How can the VA possibly be so inefficient? We need to put people in charge who know how to run big operations. We have to get the best managers and give them the power, the money, and the tools to get the job done. We owe our veterans nothing less.

One way or another, we are going to take care of our veterans. If the VA hospitals can’t do the job, then the veterans go to private doctors, private hospitals. The government will reimburse those doctors and those hospitals because we must fulfill our obligation to our veterans. …”

Chapter 10: Lucky To Be An American, Page 107

That’s not to say that the current salsa world is all bad. We should thank and honour our salsa veterans for bringing us forth into the current salsa world. I’m sure there are salsa gigolos and salseras in the World, who risk their lives when they go out to dance. If all the women in the World danced salsa, would all the men drop their arms and sign-up for salsa lessons?

Chapter 16: A Tax Code That Works, Pages 153-154:
The first goal of the plan will be to provide tax relief. If you are single and earning less than $25,000 or married and earning less than $50,000, you will not owe any income tax. This will immediately remove some nearly 75 million households from the income tax rolls.

Second, the tax code will be simplified. Instead of multiple tax brackets with multiple variations, there will be only four brackets: 0%, 10%, 20%, and 25%. This new code eliminates the marriage penalty and the Alternative Minimum Tax while providing the lowest tax rates since before World War II. Further, this plan eliminates the death tax, thus allowing families to keep what has been earned.

The proposed policies will allow the middle class to keep most of their deductions while eliminating many of the deductions for the very rich. With more money in middle-class pockets, consumer spending will increase, college savings will grow, and personal debt will decline.

Third, we need to grow the American economy. For the past seven years our economy has been at a virtual standstill. Growth in the Gross Domestic Product of less than 2 percent per year is pathetic. We need to spur production, bring home jobs, and make it easier to invest in America.

The plan states that any business of any size will pay no more than 15 percent of their business income in taxes. This low rate will make corporate inversions unnecessary and will make America one of the most competitive markets in the world. This plan will also require companies with off-shore capital to bring that money back to the United States at a repatriation rate of only 10 percent. Right now that money is not being brought back because the tax rate is so high.

Finally, this plan will not add to our deficits or our national debt. With disciplined budget management and elimination of waste, fraud, and abuse, this plan will allow us to balance the budget, grow the economy at record levels, clear the backlog of workers sitting at home, and begin the process of reducing our debt. With moderate growth, this plan will be revenue neutral. These changes will ensure huge economic growth, and this country will be on the road to extraordinary prosperity. …”

Chapter 16: A Tax Code That Works, Pages 153-154

If everyone in the World danced salsa, I wonder what would be the optimal size and number of public dance halls, to accommodate all the dancers? For Canada, it’d probably be the same size and number as our skating rinks and swimming pools. Imagine a salsa room, a bachata room, a kizomba room, a skating room, and a swimming room … and a steam room, and a hot tub room, and a LGBT shower room.

Go ahead and build a big beautiful public salsa room with our tax dollars, or better yet, make Mexico pay for it, and don’t let anyone in, who isn’t willing to go through beginner’s hell. MSGA


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