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Dope Dog.

11 Aug

By George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic ยป:

Live spoken word version:

Salsa Gigolometer 100



5 Sep


I miss you

I thought I wasn’t reckless with you

I thought it would go further than it did

I waited for you

And then my heart closed

Did yours too?

You are beautiful

I hope you dance again

Your hair up, your contacts on, wearing something sexy

I’ll whisper in your ear something rude

And you can withold salsa from me again

Partner Selection (4).

22 Dec

Partner Selection (4)

The music ends
The music starts
I look around
Salseras all around

One after another
Salseras are asked
And you are asked
And I watch you dance

The music ends
The music starts
It doesn’t move me
I watch some more

You are watching too
And not dancing
Maybe wondering
Why I don’t ask

The music ends
The music starts
It moves me
I look for you

But alas, you are gone
And one by one
Salseras disappear
Onto the dancefloor

And as songs go by
So do my chances
To ask you to dance
I yearn for you

The music ends
The music starts
It moves me
And you are there

You smile when I ask
And we dance


26 Oct


Today is a day for flowers
Lilacs, roses, azaleas

Their perfumes I will cherish
And your sexy dance

Collecting Salseras.

7 Apr

Collecting Salseras

when we danced
I opened my heart for you

our faces were close
we almost kissed

you smelled of musk
I breathed you in

I wanted more
you wanted rest

my eyes turned
to hide my sadness

for the dances we had
for the dances we missed

Salsa Friend Uncertainty Principle.

18 Jan

Salsa Friend Uncertainty Principle

I see you.
You are there.
I go away and come back.
You are still there.

Or maybe,
While I was gone,
You went away and came back.
So you were there, and not there.

I am tired of saying hi again.
Do we need to say hi?
I see you.
You are there.


8 Dec


it took days
to learn your name
and now
I can’t forget you

what I want
is for you
to love me

and to see you
dance again
in the arms
of other men