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I Got It.

16 Jan

By Marian Hill »:

Live version:

Salsa Gigolometer 100


Imma Go.

26 Jan

By Taio Cruz »:

Interpreted by Bradford Whelan » and Sharon Her:

Some Enchanted Evening.

24 Jan

For the longest time, I resisted the iPod. Then I started a new non-salsa hobby that needs background music. My cassette tapes and CD’s were useful for a while. Then I was given an an early-generation iPod mini. I ripped my CD’s using Windows Media Player, and used Floola » to transfer the MP3’s to the iPod. Now I am liking the iPod.

I still resist iTunes and other download sites », preferring instead to buy used CD’s for cheap and ripping them the old-fashioned way. Now I have almost too much music, and trying to curate it has become a hobby in itself. Yet, I lament that there isn’t an easy way to rip a cassette tape, or at least get some kind of digital privilege for being an early-adopter of the album.

With inflation, I paid about $1.50 per song on cassette. The same song can now be downloaded for less than 1/10 of this. It is easy to see a future where it will be 1/100 of this, a Moore’s Law for music. ‘Owning’ a song is not a very good investment. But then a song comes on, and the memories of being consoled by the song. Then the value of that song becomes very rich.

I found an old mix tape that an old non-lover gave me. She worked for a fruity computer company in San Francisco, and asked me to move out West to live with her. Sadly, I taped over that tape, but her hand-written playlist was still intact. It was nice listening to that tape again, and remembering the sexy letters and e-Mails we shared:

Side A:

Side B:

Technology – 1
Salsa Gigolo – 3

Love Story Meets Viva La Vida.

22 Dec

‘Love Story’ by Taylor Swift »:

‘Viva La Vida’ by Coldplay »:

‘Love Story Meets Viva La Vida’ arranged by Jon Schmidt » and Steven Sharp Nelson »:

Interpreted by Benji Schwimmer » and Torri Smith »:
Salsa Gigolometer 90