Gentlemen Hosts.

1 Jan

I recently mused about a possible retirement future as a cruise ship gigolo ». Then I came across this very humourous blog, Traveling with Phil: Adventures of a Gentleman Host ». After reading about Phil’s (mis)adventures as a dance host, now, I’m not so sure.

Without going into details, so as not to ruin the fun for those who want to read his blog from beginning to end — Phil is a very good writer — but for reasons that will become apparent, I can’t really identify with Phil. While I sympathize with him, if I were ever to undertake a similar retirement venture, it would be for entirely different, and less than noble reasons ». Still, reading his blog was an eye-opener.

For future reference, Compass Speakers and Entertainment Inc. » has taken over the Gentlemen Host® program that was started by The Working Vacation Inc. ». Alternatively, one could probably contact a cruise line directly.
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